New Patient

Patient Registration

The practice is able to take new patients providing they live in the Practice area.We take new patient registrations through out the day. 

To register, complete the appropriate section of your medical card or complete a registration form and questionnaire obtained from our reception staff (or download below). 

In the case of a new baby, bring their NHS Number (obtainable from Child Health or the Maternity Ward) or the child’s red book.

Please fill in our new patient health questionnaire and provide suitable personal identification.

  • One poof of ID - This would normally be some form of photo identification (such as a passport or driving licence);
  • One proof of address - This could be a utility bill or a bank statement.

You will be registered with the practice rather than a specific doctor, but you have a right to ask to see a particular doctor, if you wish.

If you have a requirement for a prescription then you should arrange an appointment with a doctor to discuss your ongoing care.

Please note that consent to contact via mobile phone (phone call or SMS) and email will be assumed if no other option is marked on the registration form or when the mobile phone number is provided to the practice.

All new patients are encouraged to have a medical examination when registering with the practice before you can see the doctor.

We do not exclude patients from the practice on grounds of age, sex, colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin or disability, sexual orientation, religion or religious or philosophical belief or medical condition.

If you have a preference for a particular doctor, please inform our reception staff.

Summary Care Record Form (.pdf)

GMS1 Form




Practice Area

Changing My Details

Please inform the our reception staff if you change your name, address, marital status or telephone number, so we can keep our records accurate.

If you move out of the practice area it will be necessary for you to register with a doctor at another practice which covers that area.

Our reception staff will help you with queries about practice boundaries.


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