Other Services

ERS Referrals

This is a service which allows you to choose the hospital you prefer which you need to discuss with the GP.

Once a GP has referred you to the hospital, you will be contacted by the surgery to collect your appointment letter. The appointment letter is important for you as it has vital information regarding your appointment and if you wish to change or cancel your appointment.

However, not all hospitals treat every medical condition and some patients may need a service provided by a few hospitals, hence choice will be more limited.

Non-NHS Work

Patients should be aware that fees may be charged for services not covered by the NHS (e.g. private certificates, reports supporting private health insurance claims and other non-NHS medical reports).

Medical reports and examinations for life insurance are usually paid for by the insurance company requesting the examination.

Fees may be charged for services for other special purposes such as

Men ACWY Vaccine £35
HGV/PSV and Taxi Medical Licence £120
Employment Medical Reports  £120
Fitness to Travel Certificate £30
Hajj ACWY Vaccine Certificate £30
Hep B Injection £30 (Each Vaccine)
Holiday Cancellation Report £50
Private Medical Certificate £30
University Medical Forms £30
Private Letter £30

The fee-scale is recommended by the BMA.


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