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Welcome to Kings Road Medical Centre

Eastcote Practice  

We would like to inform you that due to staff sickness EASTCOTE SURGERY (81 Field End Road, Eastcote Pinner HA5 1TD) WILL OPERATE from Kings Road Medical Centre (204 Kings Road, Harrow HA2 9JJ) until the COIVD outbreak has been resolved.  If you need to book telephone consultation please ring 020 8866 1238. You can request repeat medication online or by placing the repeat request in the prescription box at the Eastcote surgery (it will be emptied once a day by a member of staff) please when requesting medication nominate a pharmacy so the prescription can be sent directly to the pharmacy for you to collect.  Any paper prescription will need to be collected from Kings Road as of Monday 06.04.20. Any other queries please ring Kings Road Medical Centre 020 8422 1667.


We apologies for the inconvenience this may cause you, and appreciate your support in these difficult times.

Thank you Dr Eddington, Dr Wijayaratna, & Dr Jayesinghe.


Following the recent Coronavirus pandemic, on advice from NHS England we are converting all of our face to face consultations with a Doctor to telephone consultations. If you currently have a routine appointment booked, this has been changed to a telephone consultation. The doctor will call you as close to your appointment time as possible. Please do not come into the surgery.  Many thanks for your understanding. 


In order to protect patients, all unnecessary visits to the surgery are to be avoided. You can no longer book a face to face appointment without speaking to a clinician. Telephone consultations will be available via calling reception. If you are feeling unwell with continuous cough or High temperature, NHS England advice is to self-isolate at home for 7 days without any testing for coronavirus, regardless of travel history or contact with confirmed cases for 7 days. If your condition has not improved after 7 days and have not sought medical advice please access NHS 111 services online to complete on-line risk assessment https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19 or via telephone, as this WILL NOT be managed by the medical centre.  Please see link below regarding information for the public about coronavirus 



We appreciate your patience at this challenging time Kings Road & Eastcote Surgery


Welcome to the Kings Road Medical Centre and Eastcote Surgery. Our aim is to provide the highest quality medical care and a full range of medical services together with special clinics designed to promote optimum healthcare amongst our patients. This website explains how we organise the practice to achieve that goal.

History of the Practice

The surgery was started in the 1930s by Dr Jude Welling. At that time, including Kings Road Medical Centre, there were 12 sites in total. During the following years they were slowly sold off leaving only seven sites during the 1960s. In the 1980s only two sites remained, Kings Road and Eastcote Surgery. The surgery registered patients are split 60/40. We have a mixture of patients from various multicultural backgrounds.

Care Data

Please be aware that from 1st March 2014 GP Practices across England will soon be required to supply patients personal and confidential medical information, on a regular and continuous basis, to the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). The data upload is due to commence in March 2014 and all households should receive a leaflet "Better information means better care" through their letterbox about this in January.

If you would like more information and to print off opt out forms go to:
www.medconfidential.org/how-to-opt-out and www.nhs.uk/caredata and www.hscic.gov.uk/patientconf

Patient Information

Our practice is contracted by the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to provide Medical Services for patients within the local community.

Important Notice To Practice Patients

On a regular basis NHS England sends out letters to confirm your residence at your current address. We would be grateful if you could complete the letter and sent it back in the pre paid envelope provided.

If they do not hear from you and if we cannot verify that you are still an active patient your name may be removed from the practice list. The trust does not want to incorrectly remove you from your GP’s list so please do respond to this letter as quickly as possible but at latest within 14 days receipt.

If your address or other personal details have changed recently please inform the practice.

Please speak to the receptionist if you have any questions regarding this notice.

Practice Facilities

We have:

  • A room available for access by disabled people
  • A room available for nappy changing upon request
  • Breastfeeding - if a room is vacant, it will be made available upon request
  • A room to discuss matters in private on request
  • A comfortable waiting area (our practice is cleaned and checked every day)

Disabled Access

The practice has done its utmost to be easily accessible and user-friendly for our disabled and wheelchair-bound patients.

A wheelchair is available for those with difficulty in walking - this can be borrowed through our reception staff.

An induction loop is available to help the hard of hearing have clearer conversations. This can also be provided for individual consulting rooms when necessary. Please inform reception staff in advance that the induction loop will be required.

There are also toilet facilities for the disabled at Kings Road Medical Centre.

If you experience any problems please speak to our reception staff, who will do their utmost to assist you.

Patient Car Parking Facility

There is no longer car park available at Eastcote Surgery due to the rebuild.

Kings Road
No car parking facility is available for patients other than off-street parking.

Attending Surgery

We would ask all our patients to observe a few simple rules when they come to the surgeries:

All dogs, with the exception of assistance dogs, should be left outside the building.

The building is a non-smoking building and we request that this be honoured.

Food & Drink
We would request that patients do not eat or drink whilst waiting for their appointments. A cup of water may be obtained from reception on request.

Mobile Phones
Please do not use your mobile phone in the surgery. It is disruptive to patients who are in the waiting room.

Information from the Care Quality Commission

Our practice is inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure we are meeting essential standards of quality and safety.

This widget provides a summary of the results of the latest checks carried out by the CQC.

The practice would like to thank the various advertisers who have helped to produce this Website. However, it must be pointed out that the accuracy of any statements cannot be warranted, nor any products or services advertised, be guaranteed or endorsed.

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